Monaco player gets four-match ban for hiding anti-homophobia logoThu, 30 May 2024 22:02:14 GMT

Monaco footballer Mohamed Camara has been banned for four matches for taping over an anti-homophobia logo on his shirt in a Ligue 1 game, the French League (LFP) announced on Thursday.The LFP said they “decided to impose a four-match suspension… after hearing the player Mohamed Camara and taking note of his refusal during the session to carry out one or more awareness-raising actions in the fight against homophobia”.Camara opted not to support a French league campaign against homophobia by hiding the logo on the front of his shirt as he played for Monaco against Nantes in the final game of the season on May 19.The 24-year-old also chose not to take part in a group photo in which both teams stood behind a banner in support of the LGBTQ community.The Malian player could have received a ten-match suspension under the disciplinary scale of the French Football Federation.”We take note of the decision of the League which we respect and we will not appeal this decision,” Monaco’s general manager Thiago Scuro told AFP.The Riviera outfit, which had apologised and indicated possible internal sanctions against the player, did not assist Camara before the commission. “Our concern was above all to deal with this situation, to make our club’s position clear on the subject, and to explain to Mo (Camara) that his behaviour could be different,” continued Scuro. “Monaco supports the action of the League, the fight against discrimination, the action against homophobia, it is clear for us, it is also clear for Mo.”After the game earlier in May, Scuro said that Camara did not take part in the campaign “for religious reasons”.”It’s a very sensitive subject at all levels, because we also have to respect all religions. But as an organisation, we are very sad about this episode and we want to make it clear that we do not support this,” he added. Camara scored in the match as Monaco, who finished runners-up to champions Paris Saint-Germain, won 4-0.”Such behaviour must be met with the toughest sanctions both for the player but also for his club which allowed him to do it,” France’s sports minister Amelie Oudea-Castera said on May 20.However, in Mali, Camara won widespread support for respecting his own personal and religious convictions.The Malian Football Federation (FMF) published a statement of support for the player “in the exercise of his freedom of expression”.”Players are citizens like any other whose fundamental rights must be protected in all circumstances,” said the FMF.The midfielder, who will be able to play two matches with the Mali national team in early June, will be suspended for the first four Ligue 1 matches next season starting on August 16.