Image by Luisella Planeta from Pixabay

The cultural highlights in 2022

Ahead of New Year’s Eve, many people take time to reflect upon the past year. 

Today, we’re sharing with you a selection of articles to look at the cultural highlights of 2022. 


2022 between the lines

Wired has selected the best books published this year, which all depicted a world confronted with existential challenges. 

The 12 Best Books of 2022

(Wired, no paywall)


If 2022 was a playlist

Slate lists up the best albums and songs of 2022, a year that let out the expression of creativity after two years of pandemic.  

The Best Albums of 2022

(Slate, no paywall) 


Looking at 2022 through the camera 

2022 has been marked by numerous crises, which have been captured by the most famous photographers. In this gallery, you can look at the best pictures of the year and read more about the story behind them. 

The best photographs of 2022 – and the stories behind them

(The Guardian, no paywall) 


The year 2022 on a big screen

The Financial Times lists the most remarkable films this year, from blockbusters to independent films. 

Best films of 2022 — a year of comebacks, flops and arrests

(Financial Times, no paywall) 


2022 has just been a game

In its selection, the Times lists the 10 best video games of the year, in an industry that has experienced an unprecedented boom in 2022. 

The 10 Best Video Games of 2022

(Time Magazine, no paywall) 


Image by Luisella Planeta from Pixabay