Petronas sets August Malaysian crude oil price at $118.04/bbl -document

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The official selling price of a basket of August-loading Malaysian crude oil (MCO) grades has been set at $118.04 a barrel, a price document showed on Thursday.

MCO grades include Labuan, Miri, Kikeh and Kimanis.

OSPs for the Malaysian grades in dollars per barrel:

Grade August July June May

MCO 118.04 124.30 132.50 121.15

Tapis 111.75 119.59 128.89 118.51

Dulang 121.64 127.32 134.98 123.24

Bintulu 115.53 122.28 130.86 118.97

(Reporting by Muyu Xu; Editing by David Goodman)


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